#include <Icmp.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Icmp ()
virtual ~Icmp ()
virtual int Open ()=0
 Start pinger helper and initiate control channel. More...
virtual void Close ()
 Shutdown pinger helper and control channel. More...
virtual void SendEcho (Ip::Address &to, int opcode, const char *payload=nullptr, int len=0)=0
virtual void Recv (void)=0
 Handle ICMP responses. More...

Protected Member Functions

int CheckSum (unsigned short *ptr, int size)
 Calculate a packet checksum. More...
int ipHops (int ttl)
void Log (const Ip::Address &addr, const uint8_t type, const char *pkt_str, const int rtt, const int hops)
 Log the packet. More...

Protected Attributes

int icmp_sock
int icmp_ident

Detailed Description

Implements the squid interface to access ICMP operations

Child implementations define specific parts of these operations using these methods as a naming and parameter template.

IcmpSquid - implements the squid side of squid-pinger interface IcmpPinger - implements the pinger side of the squid-pinger interface Icmpv4 - implements pinger helper for Icmpv4 Icmpv6 - implements pinger helper for Icmpv6

Definition at line 67 of file Icmp.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Icmp()

Icmp::Icmp ( )

Definition at line 16 of file Icmp.cc.

References icmp_ident, and icmp_sock.

◆ ~Icmp()

virtual Icmp::~Icmp ( )

Definition at line 71 of file Icmp.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CheckSum()

int Icmp::CheckSum ( unsigned short *  ptr,
int  size 

Definition at line 38 of file Icmp.cc.

References size.

Referenced by Icmp4::SendEcho(), Icmp6::SendEcho(), and IcmpStub::testChecksum().

◆ Close()

void Icmp::Close ( void  )

Reimplemented in IcmpPinger, IcmpSquid, and IcmpStub.

Definition at line 25 of file Icmp.cc.

References icmp_ident, and icmp_sock.

Referenced by Icmp4::~Icmp4(), Icmp6::~Icmp6(), IcmpPinger::Close(), and main().

◆ ipHops()

int Icmp::ipHops ( int  ttl)

Translate TTL to a hop distance

ttlnegative : n > 33
ttln(0...32) : 32 >= n >= 1
ttln(33...62) : 32 >= n >= 1
ttln(63...64) : 2 >= n >= 1
ttln(65...128) : 64 >= n >= 1
ttln(129...192) : 64 >= n >= 1
ttln(193...) : n < 255

XXX: BUG? ttl<0 can produce high hop values XXX: BUG? ttl>255 can produce zero or negative hop values

Definition at line 67 of file Icmp.cc.

Referenced by Icmp4::Recv(), and IcmpStub::testHops().

◆ Log()

void Icmp::Log ( const Ip::Address addr,
const uint8_t  type,
const char *  pkt_str,
const int  rtt,
const int  hops 

Definition at line 88 of file Icmp.cc.

References current_time, and debugs.

Referenced by Icmp4::Recv(), Icmp6::Recv(), Icmp4::SendEcho(), and Icmp6::SendEcho().

◆ Open()

virtual int Icmp::Open ( )
pure virtual

Implemented in Icmp4, Icmp6, IcmpPinger, IcmpSquid, and IcmpStub.

◆ Recv()

virtual void Icmp::Recv ( void  )
pure virtual

Implemented in Icmp4, Icmp6, IcmpPinger, IcmpSquid, and IcmpStub.

◆ SendEcho()

virtual void Icmp::SendEcho ( Ip::Address to,
int  opcode,
const char *  payload = nullptr,
int  len = 0 
pure virtual

Construct and Send an ECHO request

toDestination address being 'pinged'
opcodeSpecific code for ECHO request, see RFC ????.
payloadA payload MAY be sent in the ICMP message. Content longer than MAX_PAYLOAD will be truncated.
lenLength of the payload in bytes if any is to be sent or 0.

Implemented in Icmp4, Icmp6, IcmpPinger, IcmpStub, and IcmpSquid.

Member Data Documentation

◆ icmp_ident

int Icmp::icmp_ident

◆ icmp_sock

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