Ssl::ErrorDetailsList Class Reference

#include <ErrorDetailManager.h>

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Public Types

typedef RefCount< ErrorDetailsListPointer
typedef std::map< Security::ErrorCode, ErrorDetailEntryErrorDetails

Public Member Functions

bool getRecord (Security::ErrorCode value, ErrorDetailEntry &entry)
const char * getErrorDescr (Security::ErrorCode value)
 an error description for an error if exist in list. More...
const char * getErrorDetail (Security::ErrorCode value)
 an error details for an error if exist in list. More...

Public Attributes

String errLanguage
 The language of the error-details.txt template, if any. More...
ErrorDetails theList
 The list of error details entries. More...

Detailed Description

Used to hold an error-details.txt template in ram. An error-details,.txt is represented by a list of error detail entries (ErrorDetailEntry objects).

Definition at line 38 of file ErrorDetailManager.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ErrorDetails

◆ Pointer

Member Function Documentation

◆ getErrorDescr()

const char * Ssl::ErrorDetailsList::getErrorDescr ( Security::ErrorCode  value)

Definition at line 60 of file

◆ getErrorDetail()

const char * Ssl::ErrorDetailsList::getErrorDetail ( Security::ErrorCode  value)

Definition at line 71 of file

◆ getRecord()

bool Ssl::ErrorDetailsList::getRecord ( Security::ErrorCode  value,
ErrorDetailEntry entry 

Retrieves the error details for a given error to "entry" object

true on success, false otherwise

Definition at line 46 of file

References Ssl::ErrorDetailEntry::descr, Ssl::ErrorDetailEntry::detail, Ssl::ErrorDetailEntry::error_no, Ssl::ErrorDetailEntry::name, and theList.

Referenced by Ssl::ErrorDetailsManager::getErrorDetail().

Member Data Documentation

◆ errLanguage

String Ssl::ErrorDetailsList::errLanguage

◆ theList

ErrorDetails Ssl::ErrorDetailsList::theList

Definition at line 52 of file ErrorDetailManager.h.

Referenced by getRecord().

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