RE: [squid-users] Log rotation.

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Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 09:02:23 -0800

I have logrotate installed on my Debian boxes by default, and use them for
other things...

But you use logrotate in addition to Squid's rotate, right? I'm just trying
to figure out the ideal way to do that without intermediary need for a
cron'd shell script to rename files, since Squid's internal rotatation
renames the file to access.log.0, etc ...


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We use the logrotate tool written by Erik Troan, that ships with Red Hat
and quite a large number of other Linux distributions. Works very well
as a nightly cron job. wrote:

> On a related note, how are people addressing the post-rotate compression
> these logs? I'd be interested in figuring out any techniques that other
> people are using...
> Sean

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