Developer Space

Developer Resources This page is being moved into our Wiki. Currently there is two copies DocuWiki and Main Wiki.
developer projects To make life easier we provide space for each developer interested in developing a feature in Squid. For more information see
anoncvs Use anonymous CVS to keep your Squid tree up-to-date. Here's the basic instructions.
cvsweb The Way Cool cvsweb.cgi script lets you interactively browse the CVS source tree, read commit comments, etc.
Code guidelines The coding guidelines explains what you need to do to get your code accepted into the squid tree.
The programming guide is depressingly thin, but you might learn something there anyway.
squid-dev There is a mailing list for Squid developers. We have an archive. If you want to be a regular contributing member of the developers list, request to be subcribed to the mailinglist.
Release process The Release Process describes the process and criterias used by the Squid Developers when making new Squid releases.
wishlist Query the bugzilla database for feature requests
Robert Collins' HTTP/1.1 checklist for Squid.
Squid 3.0
Squid-3 style guidelines
Squid 3.0
Squid-3 ideas and discussions
Squid-3 interactive discussions (feel free to add something!)
Papers Papers, both past and present

The following people are Certified Squid Developers:

Please send mail to squid-dev if you like to join us.

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