rfcnb-util.c File Reference
#include "squid.h"
#include "rfcnb/rfcnb-io.h"
#include "rfcnb/rfcnb-priv.h"
#include "rfcnb/rfcnb-util.h"
#include "rfcnb/rfcnb.h"
#include "rfcnb/std-includes.h"
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void RFCNB_CvtPad_Name (char *name1, char *name2)
void RFCNB_AName_To_NBName (char *AName, char *NBName)
void RFCNB_NBName_To_AName (char *NBName, char *AName)
void RFCNB_Print_Hex (FILE *fd, struct RFCNB_Pkt *pkt, int Offset, int Len)
struct RFCNB_PktRFCNB_Alloc_Pkt (int n)
void RFCNB_Free_Pkt (struct RFCNB_Pkt *pkt)
void RFCNB_Print_Pkt (FILE *fd, char *dirn, struct RFCNB_Pkt *pkt, int len)
int RFCNB_Name_To_IP (char *host, struct in_addr *Dest_IP)
int RFCNB_Close (int fd)
int RFCNB_IP_Connect (struct in_addr Dest_IP, int port)
int RFCNB_Session_Req (struct RFCNB_Con *con, char *Called_Name, char *Calling_Name, BOOL *redirect, struct in_addr *Dest_IP, int *port)


const char * RFCNB_Error_Strings []

Function Documentation

◆ RFCNB_Alloc_Pkt()

◆ RFCNB_AName_To_NBName()

void RFCNB_AName_To_NBName ( char *  AName,
char *  NBName 

Definition at line 109 of file rfcnb-util.c.

◆ RFCNB_Close()

int RFCNB_Close ( int  fd)

Definition at line 371 of file rfcnb-util.c.

Referenced by RFCNB_Call(), and RFCNB_Hangup().

◆ RFCNB_CvtPad_Name()

void RFCNB_CvtPad_Name ( char *  name1,
char *  name2 

Definition at line 71 of file rfcnb-util.c.

References int.

Referenced by RFCNB_Session_Req().

◆ RFCNB_Free_Pkt()

◆ RFCNB_IP_Connect()

int RFCNB_IP_Connect ( struct in_addr  Dest_IP,
int  port 

Definition at line 384 of file rfcnb-util.c.

References port, RFCNB_errno, RFCNB_saved_errno, RFCNBE_Bad, RFCNBE_BadSocket, and RFCNBE_ConnectFailed.

Referenced by RFCNB_Call().

◆ RFCNB_Name_To_IP()

int RFCNB_Name_To_IP ( char *  host,
struct in_addr *  Dest_IP 

Definition at line 336 of file rfcnb-util.c.

References INADDR_NONE, NULL, RFCNB_errno, RFCNB_saved_errno, RFCNBE_Bad, and RFCNBE_BadName.

Referenced by RFCNB_Call().

◆ RFCNB_NBName_To_AName()

void RFCNB_NBName_To_AName ( char *  NBName,
char *  AName 

Definition at line 130 of file rfcnb-util.c.

References int.

Referenced by RFCNB_Print_Pkt().

◆ RFCNB_Print_Hex()

void RFCNB_Print_Hex ( FILE *  fd,
struct RFCNB_Pkt pkt,
int  Offset,
int  Len 

Definition at line 151 of file rfcnb-util.c.

References RFCNB_Pkt::data, RFCNB_Pkt::len, RFCNB_Pkt::next, and NULL.

Referenced by RFCNB_Print_Pkt().

◆ RFCNB_Print_Pkt()

◆ RFCNB_Session_Req()

Variable Documentation

◆ RFCNB_Error_Strings

const char* RFCNB_Error_Strings[]
Initial value:
= {
"RFCNBE_OK: Routine completed successfully.",
"RFCNBE_NoSpace: No space available for a malloc call.",
"RFCNBE_BadName: NetBIOS name could not be translated to IP address.",
"RFCNBE_BadRead: Read system call returned an error. Check errno.",
"RFCNBE_BadWrite: Write system call returned an error. Check errno.",
"RFCNBE_ProtErr: A protocol error has occurred.",
"RFCNBE_ConGone: Connection dropped during a read or write system call.",
"RFCNBE_BadHandle: Bad connection handle passed.",
"RFCNBE_BadSocket: Problems creating socket.",
"RFCNBE_ConnectFailed: Connection failed. See errno.",
"RFCNBE_CallRejNLOCN: Call rejected. Not listening on called name.",
"RFCNBE_CallRejNLFCN: Call rejected. Not listening for called name.",
"RFCNBE_CallRejCNNP: Call rejected. Called name not present.",
"RFCNBE_CallRejInfRes: Call rejected. Name present, but insufficient resources.",
"RFCNBE_CallRejUnSpec: Call rejected. Unspecified error.",
"RFCNBE_BadParam: Bad parameters passed to a routine.",
"RFCNBE_Timeout: IO Operation timed out ..."

Definition at line 47 of file rfcnb-util.c.

Referenced by manage_request(), and RFCNB_Get_Error().






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