smblib.h File Reference
#include "smblib-common.h"
#include "smblib/smbencrypt.h"
#include "std-defines.h"
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SMB_Handle_Type SMB_Create_Con_Handle (void)
SMB_Handle_Type SMB_Connect_Server (SMB_Handle_Type Con_Handle, const char *server, const char *NTdomain)
SMB_Handle_Type SMB_Connect (SMB_Handle_Type Con_Handle, SMB_Tree_Handle *tree, char *service, char *username, char *password)
int SMB_Init (void)
int SMB_Logon_Server (SMB_Handle_Type Con_Handle, char *UserName, char *PassWord, const char *NtDomain, int PreCrypted)
int SMB_Negotiate (SMB_Handle_Type Con_Handle, const char *Prots[])
SMB_Tree_Handle SMB_TreeConnect (SMB_Handle_Type con, SMB_Tree_Handle tree, const char *path, const char *password, const char *dev)
int SMB_TreeDisconect (void *tree_handle)
void * SMB_Open (void *tree_handle, void *file_handle, char *file_name, unsigned short mode, unsigned short search)
int SMB_Close (void *file_handle)
int SMB_Discon (SMB_Handle_Type Con_Handle, BOOL KeepHandle)
void * SMB_Create (void *Tree_Handle, void *File_Handle, char *file_name, short search)
int SMB_Delete (void *tree, char *file_name, short search)
int SMB_Create_Dir (void *tree, char *dir_name)
int SMB_Delete_Dir (void *tree, char *dir_name)
int SMB_Check_Dir (void *tree, char *dir_name)
int SMB_Get_Last_Error (void)
int SMB_Get_Last_SMB_Err (void)
void SMB_Get_Error_Msg (int msg, char *msgbuf, int len)
void * SMB_Logon_And_TCon (void *con, void *tree, char *user, char *pass, char *service, char *st)

Function Documentation

◆ SMB_Check_Dir()

int SMB_Check_Dir ( void *  tree,
char *  dir_name 

◆ SMB_Close()

int SMB_Close ( void *  file_handle)

◆ SMB_Connect()

◆ SMB_Connect_Server()

SMB_Handle_Type SMB_Connect_Server ( SMB_Handle_Type  Con_Handle,
const char *  server,
const char *  NTdomain 

◆ SMB_Create()

void * SMB_Create ( void *  Tree_Handle,
void *  File_Handle,
char *  file_name,
short  search 

◆ SMB_Create_Con_Handle()

SMB_Handle_Type SMB_Create_Con_Handle ( void  )

Definition at line 89 of file smblib.c.

References NULL, SMBlib_errno, and SMBlibE_NotImpl.

◆ SMB_Create_Dir()

int SMB_Create_Dir ( void *  tree,
char *  dir_name 

◆ SMB_Delete()

int SMB_Delete ( void *  tree,
char *  file_name,
short  search 

◆ SMB_Delete_Dir()

int SMB_Delete_Dir ( void *  tree,
char *  dir_name 

◆ SMB_Discon()

int SMB_Discon ( SMB_Handle_Type  Con_Handle,
BOOL  KeepHandle 

Definition at line 577 of file smblib.c.

References RFCNB_Hangup().

Referenced by dc_disconnect(), init_challenge(), is_dc_ok(), and Valid_User().

◆ SMB_Get_Error_Msg()

void SMB_Get_Error_Msg ( int  msg,
char *  msgbuf,
int  len 

Definition at line 798 of file smblib-util.c.

References RFCNB_Pkt::len, RFCNB_Get_Error(), SMBlib_Error_Messages, and SMBlibE_NoSuchMsg.

Referenced by init_challenge(), and main().

◆ SMB_Get_Last_Error()

int SMB_Get_Last_Error ( void  )

Definition at line 755 of file smblib-util.c.

References SMBlib_errno.

Referenced by init_challenge(), main(), and manage_request().

◆ SMB_Get_Last_SMB_Err()

int SMB_Get_Last_SMB_Err ( void  )

Definition at line 766 of file smblib-util.c.

References SMBlib_SMB_Error.

Referenced by main(), and manage_request().

◆ SMB_Init()

int SMB_Init ( void  )

Definition at line 67 of file smblib.c.

References SMB_State_Started, and SMBlib_State.

Referenced by main(), and Valid_User().

◆ SMB_Logon_And_TCon()

void * SMB_Logon_And_TCon ( void *  con,
void *  tree,
char *  user,
char *  pass,
char *  service,
char *  st 

◆ SMB_Logon_Server()

◆ SMB_Negotiate()

◆ SMB_Open()

void * SMB_Open ( void *  tree_handle,
void *  file_handle,
char *  file_name,
unsigned short  mode,
unsigned short  search 

◆ SMB_TreeConnect()

◆ SMB_TreeDisconect()

int SMB_TreeDisconect ( void *  tree_handle)






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