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#define RFCNB_Default_Port   139


void * RFCNB_Call (char *Called_Name, char *Calling_Name, char *Called_Address, int port)
int RFCNB_Send (struct RFCNB_Con *Con_Handle, struct RFCNB_Pkt *udata, int Length)
int RFCNB_Recv (void *Con_Handle, struct RFCNB_Pkt *Data, int Length)
int RFCNB_Hangup (struct RFCNB_Con *con_Handle)
void * RFCNB_Listen (void)
void RFCNB_Get_Error (char *buffer, int buf_len)
int RFCNB_Get_Last_Error (void)
void RFCNB_Free_Pkt (struct RFCNB_Pkt *pkt)
int RFCNB_Set_Sock_NoDelay (struct RFCNB_Con *con_Handle, int yn)
struct RFCNB_PktRFCNB_Alloc_Pkt (int n)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ RFCNB_Default_Port

#define RFCNB_Default_Port   139

Definition at line 47 of file rfcnb.h.

Function Documentation

◆ RFCNB_Alloc_Pkt()

◆ RFCNB_Call()

◆ RFCNB_Free_Pkt()

◆ RFCNB_Get_Error()

void RFCNB_Get_Error ( char *  buffer,
int  buf_len 

Definition at line 316 of file session.c.

References RFCNB_errno, RFCNB_Error_Strings, RFCNB_saved_errno, and strerror().

Referenced by SMB_Get_Error_Msg().

◆ RFCNB_Get_Last_Error()

int RFCNB_Get_Last_Error ( void  )

Definition at line 329 of file session.c.

References RFCNB_errno.

Referenced by manage_request().

◆ RFCNB_Hangup()

int RFCNB_Hangup ( struct RFCNB_Con con_Handle)

Definition at line 284 of file session.c.

References RFCNB_Con::fd, NULL, and RFCNB_Close().

Referenced by SMB_Discon().

◆ RFCNB_Listen()

void * RFCNB_Listen ( void  )

◆ RFCNB_Recv()

◆ RFCNB_Send()

◆ RFCNB_Set_Sock_NoDelay()

int RFCNB_Set_Sock_NoDelay ( struct RFCNB_Con con_Handle,
int  yn 






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