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From: Scott C. Lemon <>
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 21:21:15 -0700


Kostas Anagnostakis wrote:

> I was wondering if there was anybody interested in snmp-based cache
> management at all ;-)

Very much! I've been working extensively with Novell's BorderManager and
FastCache - both of which have SNMP agents and information.

I have written some prototype applications in Visual Basic, and we are now
moving into our first Java implementations. It has been interesting to watch
some of the patterns that emerge. I have access to the SNMP data from some
heavily used proxy/cache boxes.

> Emm, it's my fault I didn't send any announcement to the list, actually
> we are constantly changing the mib and our squid implementation. The
> current structure is somehow embarassing, there's definitely need for
> reorganisation & generalisation.

That's ok ... I completely understand. I just happened to be showing someone
NLANR last night and noticed the new MIB ...

> FYI, as of beta16, snmp code is quite stable & some (sadly squid specific)
> interesting information can be retrieved/plotted/whatever. We currently
> use mrtg and also Advent's java snmp tools.

Are there boxes that have "public" read access? I'd love to see what some of
our visualization experiments would look like against some other machines.
We're trying to complete the Java versions so that we can put them into an
applet format for web delivery ...

> Greetings,
> -Kostas

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