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From: Yee Man Chan <ymc@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 02:12:13 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, squid-dev,

   Let me spend some time to introduce myself with
respect to my squid experience.

   My first contact with squid was in 1999. I was a
research assistant at U of Michigan and I was asked to
modify squid-1.2 to become a trace driven simulator.

   In my last job, I was asked to implement content
processing in squid-2.2STABLE5. I developed two
versions: one processes the incoming data before we
save to hard drive, one processes the outgoing data to
be returned to the client. My approach is to insert a
processing routine in fwdComplete in forward.c (as in
the incoming case) or storeClientCopy2 in
store_client.c (as in outgoing case). To stall the
flow, I also increased the READ_AHEAD_GAP from 16KB to
256KB, so that I can process an HTML of reasonable

   I was lurking in this list back in the squid-1.2
days until the beginning of year 2000. I was not a
regular contributor but you can see a few of my posts
in the archive.

This time I would like to work on these three areas:
1) Content Processing
- Robert Collins is in charge of this part. So is
there any document regarding the goals of this
2) HTTP/1.1 Compliant fixes
- Part of my job is to implement an HTTP/1.1 client in
the software in my last job. So I did spend quite some
time reading the RFC. Hopefully I can be helpful in
this part.
3) File System
- I am no expert in this area. But I would like to
hack and learn. Any FS gurus know any good books or
good web resources that I can learn a great deal from
and be aware of the related issues?

   I hope this time around I can make some
contributions to the squid project. And nice seeing
you guys again! :)

Yee Man

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