Re: Squid-2.5.PRE6

From: Adrian Chadd <>
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 22:44:35 -0600

On Mon, Apr 15, 2002, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

> PRE6 technically isn't a RC as we are waiting for some additional
> minor fixes and there is some known bugs that needs to be addressed,
> but sure, it is suitable for public testing and the more testing it
> receives the better.
> PRE7 will be a RC, and is preleminary to be released in two weeks,
> with STABLE1 after cooldown period of two weeks after that. The more
> testing PRE6 receives the less likely the cooldown period has to be
> interrupted by a PRE8 release further delaying STABLE1..


Should I send out an announcement about PRE6, asking people to test it
where possible?

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