Re: Puzzled at flags.hierarchicala and neighbors_do_private_keys after reading FAQ. :-(

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 22:16:39 +0200

On Friday 19 April 2002 15:32, wrote:

> After reading FAQ about private keys, I still puzzled at the
> following statements in STORE.c, line 479, Squid-2.5.PRE6,
> if (neighbors_do_private_keys || !flags.hierarchical)
> storeSetPrivateKey(e);

The above condition is best understood if read in the "inverse".

  If whe have neighbors not doing private ICP keys and the request
may nee to be sent to them, then we cannot use a private key for this

Inore this for now, simply assume storeSetPrivateKey() always to be
called here.

> I still have a trouble, after reading FAQ, I think
> !flags.hierarchical means we should send the request directly to
> origin servers and not send request to peer cache neighbours, but,
> I do not think it has anything to do with private keys.
> What is the relationship between !flags.hierarchical and private
> keys?

That we can use private keys even if there is ICP peers who cannot
delal with private keys if we do not plan on forwarding the request
to these ICP peers.

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