Re: Confilct in source codes and Programming Guide?

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 09:54:54 +0200 wrote:
> Thanks, Henrik pal!
> When you are mentioning "release", are you referring to swap the
> object from memory to disk? Or do you mean purge from cache?

purge from cache

> Another question, I have read the codes in storeReleaseRequest, and still puzzled why should we should call storeSetPrivateKey(e); ? I think it has nothing to do with purge am object ftom cache. I think the object is going to be purged from cache, so it is no use to set Private key of the object.

Every object handled by Squid must have a key, even if the object is a
private object which must not be given out to other clients.

As we have discussed before, storeReleaseRequest is a request to release
this object once it no longer is in active use by anyone. Because the
object cannot be released immediately it is moved to a private key and
marked with the RELEASE_REQUEST flag to have it really purged from the
cache later...

This is more evident if you look at the beginning of storeRelease and
the different cases of storeUnlockObject(). All calls to
storeReleaseRequest (except for the call in storeRelease) is effectively
the same as calls to storeRelease. As it is known storeRelease will only
call storeReleaseRequest in these cases the code directly calls

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