Developer for IPv6 Squid patch.

From: Rafael Martinez Torres <>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 14:24:09 +0200 (CEST)

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to Whom it may concern:

I, Rafael Martinez, software developer integrated at Euro6IX proyect
would like to join the SQUID developer's team in order to contribute the
CVS version to be ported into IPv6.

I have valuable skill on porting programs into IPv6 (see but up to date my contribution is
 releasing the patches in an informal-way, non certified, for
evaluating purposes and experimenting by the research community (usually
Universities). Always under the terms by the GPL license.

In some cases, like the PERL INET6 module, I'm the official maintainer.
Others, like TCL and MySQL are transiently considered.

Summing up, I have been one month learning the internals of
the SQUID layout, on the STABLE-VERSION (tar.gz) , and I have a -yet
uncomplete- patch for 2.5.STABLE8 version. In the CVS patch,( I
have to check and read it depthly )
it seems like the wwcp, ftp, icp, protocols are not touched yet...ç
On ASN module you will face a non-trivial problem to index a table with
128 bits integers, since the longest C-integer is 64 bits...

I think my work will be more
usefull if you do accept me to join the CVS with write permissions, or, in
case of security police, I cand send you my local patchs to commit them-

You should not care on my salary, assurance or other contractual
matters, since I'm paid by the Euro6IX consortium.

Waiting instructions from your side,

Rafael Martinez.

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