Re: Developer for IPv6 Squid patch.

From: Rafael Martinez Torres <>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 11:15:34 +0200 (CEST)

> >> -idnsPTRLookup(const struct in_addr addr, IDNSCB *callback, void *data).
> >> +idnsPTRLookup(const struct IN_ADDR addr, IDNSCB *callback, void *data).
> >
> >
> > So then get this change into HEAD first. It is harmless and does not
> > obfuscate the code.

Hi all, there:

Following rule 2, ("do never commmit anything directly in HEAD"), I do
propose for those enabled to it the next patch:

 To make "mergeable" the HEAD branch with squid3/squid3-ipv6, no
t disturbing the rest of branches...

What it does:
- This patch does change literally the term IN_ADDR by in_addr in all the
files containing this term, except the file "inet_ntoa.c", the only one
not including "config.h" (either direct or undirectly).
- The correposding "defines" are in config.h . They are guarded by "INET6"
define, (#ifdef INET6), so branches others that squid3-ipv6 should not be
affected in their compilations.

-Thought the "config.h" as the best place to do defines. Any other
suggestion ?

 In a long term, if this change is to be discarded, it can easily
rebuild by an script ( or the revesing patch)

Take care of your own working code....

$ cd <suiqd3-cvs-working-dir>
$ make # Without patching. Must be OK. Do not try the next if not.
$ patch -p1 < ipv6-HEAD-patch.diff
$ make # The patch does not need to require make configure, or bootstrap...

If you can compile this at your branch ( HEAD, or others), and you are
enabled for it, you should consider to commit this into the HEAD branch..

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