Re: Developer for IPv6 Squid patch.

From: Xuân Baldauf <>
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 00:06:55 +0200

Rafael Martinez Torres wrote:

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>to Whom it may concern:
>I, Rafael Martinez, software developer integrated at Euro6IX proyect
>would like to join the SQUID developer's team in order to contribute the
>CVS version to be ported into IPv6.
>I have valuable skill on porting programs into IPv6 (see
> but up to date my contribution is
> releasing the patches in an informal-way, non certified, for
>evaluating purposes and experimenting by the research community (usually
>Universities). Always under the terms by the GPL license.
>In some cases, like the PERL INET6 module, I'm the official maintainer.
>Others, like TCL and MySQL are transiently considered.
>Summing up, I have been one month learning the internals of
>the SQUID layout, on the STABLE-VERSION (tar.gz) , and I have a -yet
>uncomplete- patch for 2.5.STABLE8 version. In the CVS patch,( I
>have to check and read it depthly )
>it seems like the wwcp, ftp, icp, protocols are not touched yet...ç
>On ASN module you will face a non-trivial problem to index a table with
>128 bits integers, since the longest C-integer is 64 bits...
>I think my work will be more
>usefull if you do accept me to join the CVS with write permissions, or, in
>case of security police, I cand send you my local patchs to commit them-
>You should not care on my salary, assurance or other contractual
>matters, since I'm paid by the Euro6IX consortium.
>Waiting instructions from your side,
>Rafael Martinez.
Hello Rafael,

I have been starting to create IPv6 support for squid3. (See and the bottom of ). I would be happy if
someone (you) could pursue creating IPv6 support more intensely than I
am currently able to (due to lack of unpaid time).

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