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From: Guido Serassio <>
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2007 21:51:10 +0100

Hi Henrik,

At 17.31 01/03/2007, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

>But hopefully the forward porting of bug fixes from Squid-2 has helped.
>At least it won't have most of the bugs fixed in Squid-2 since the two
>code bases forked 4.5 years ago.. Many many thanks to Guido which has
>done a great job in helping with the forward porting of squid-2 patches.
>Without this Squid-3 would surely be a dead end dragging not only it's
>own bugs but also many of the Squid-2 bugs from the last 4 years or so..

I'm very honored for this, but the results of my work on Squid 3 was
very far from my expectations:
my C++ knowledge is horribly low, and there was many bugs that I
cannot resolve myself for this reason.

I have always hoped than some other developer with a more strong C++
knowledge will try to fix them, but this was never happened: all
Squid 3 peoples seems to like more the development of new features
instead of fixing bugs.

As example: I have arranged the TPROXY forward port done by Steven in
November, but no one of the Squid 3 supporters seems to have tested
it giving any kind of feedback, a little disappointing ... :-(
So, sometimes I ask to me "why I'm still wasting my time on Squid 3 ?".



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