RE: automake & autoconf for Squid 3

From: Guido Serassio <>
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2007 17:40:32 +0100

Hi Steve,

At 02.02 02/03/2007, Steven Wilton wrote:

>I know this is a minor problem, but I had problems getting the squid3
> script to run, so I couldn't test the patch. I'm pretty sure
>it's got something to do with the version of automake and autoconf on my
>system, but I couldn't find a reference to which versions I needed for
>I really think that if squid3 needs a specific version of these programs for
>the script to run, then the script should check for the
>required version. From what I can tell the current script looks for a range
>of versions, most of which will not work.
>Can anyone tell me which versions of automake / autoconf are required for

On my Debian Sarge machine I'm fine with the following packages:

ii autoconf 2.59a-3 automatic configure script builder
ii autoconf2.13 2.13-54 automatic configure script builder (obsolete
ii automake1.7 1.7.9-7 A tool for generating GNU Standards-complian
ii automake1.9 1.9.5-1 A tool for generating GNU Standards-complian
ii autotools-dev 20050422.1 Update infrastructure for config.{guess,sub}



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