Question regarding authenticators

From: András Mikó <>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 19:07:17 +0100

Dear Squid-Cache Developer Team!

I was searching for documentation about authenticators, but couldn't
find any regarding my particular question.

It is: how does squid-cache handle authenticators, which exits in
middle of running?
- will they be restarted, or
- just left alone killed.

It would be a great help, if You could point out the correct function
in squid regarding this issue.

The need: i have obtained an authenticator (mysql_auth), but it goes
dead, if the connection breaks.

I was wondering, if i had to reconnect in module, or could it be
resumed by squid.

I'm looking forward hearing from You.

Thankfully Yours,
Andras MIKO
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