Re: Question regarding authenticators

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2008 23:14:14 +0100

tis 2008-12-09 klockan 19:07 +0100 skrev András Mikó:

> It is: how does squid-cache handle authenticators, which exits in
> middle of running?
> - will they be restarted, or
> - just left alone killed.

the request is automatically retried on the next available helper.

If 50% of the configured helpers dies Squid starts a new set of helpers

And each time you rotate the logs a new set of helpers is started.

> It would be a great help, if You could point out the correct function
> in squid regarding this issue.

The failure case is handled in src/ look for the word exited
and you'll find the relevant code.

> The need: i have obtained an authenticator (mysql_auth), but it goes
> dead, if the connection breaks.
> I was wondering, if i had to reconnect in module, or could it be
> resumed by squid.

trying to reconnect at least once per query is recommended. While the
automatic restart of the helpers should work it's much nicer on
everything if the helper tries to recover first..

if this is not done then the request will bounce over all the old
helpers each of them crashing as the earlier db connection is gone,
until it finally hits one which still works..

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