Re: Upgrade repository format for trunk?

From: Henrik Nordström <>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 21:09:14 +0100

tor 2010-03-25 klockan 18:01 +0100 skrev Kinkie:

> He didn't threaten any, but I didn't specifically ask for promises :)
> The worst I can think of is that it will mandate all developers to
> have halfway recent bzr installs.

2a will basically require bzr 1.18 or later to be useful iirc.

Upgrading to 2a is also a one-way path. Once you switch over to a
rich-root format there is no way back to the older format.

There is also no way to push/pull things from a 2a repository to older
non-rich versions, which means that when we switch over all developers
must also upgrade their repositories.

I still have some machines where bzr is not up to date for handling 2a

> We need to backup it before, rolling back is then very easy.

Depends on when you need to roll back. See above.

but there is no risk of loosing the repository due to the upgrade
itself. There is an automatic backup done by the upgrade process.

> the 'bzr upgrade' process also does that automatically. During the
> upgrade the repository will be unavailable.

True, and takes an hour or so, at least last time I tried upgrading a
moderate squid repository to 2a. The main repository probably takes a
bit longer due to the wast amount of branches in there left over from
the CVS conversation.

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