Re: Squid Cache ttl_pattern

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 1996 14:07:18 +0200

> Dear Squid users hi.
> Due to the limited documentation to the parameters of Squid cache,
> I 'd like to know the exact syntax of ttl_pattern option and nocache.
> Let me explain what I want to do. If you please have any insight in that
> (you will surely have dealt with it if you have installed it in your
> systems), thank you.
> 1) If I want to not cache the site, Which is the
> option to the conf. file?


> 2) I want all the .jpg files to expire ONLY after x days no matter what
> the Modified-Since attribute is. How? Any insight?

It is not possible. Squid currently honours any expiry information if

> 3) If I want to cache all the http requests to use the if-modified attr.
> only if 10 days have passed after the first fetch, how can it be done?

If Modified Since is currently not fully implemented. Currently all IMS
requests are sent to the original server. I have a implementation where
IMS requests are answered directly against the cache (Duane is testing
this), and I have a small todo for implementing full support of IMS in
Squid. Hopefully I will get time to implement everything in July.

Henrik Nordstrom
Received on Wed Jun 05 1996 - 05:07:21 MDT

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