Re: Anyone running Linux 2.0 + squid > beta 7?

From: zipguy <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 09:01:07 +1000 (EST)

> Kim Lee (zipguy) <> wrote:
> > We've been able to run Squid 1.0 beta 7 without any fatal problems
> > on Linux 1.3.70, and 2.0.0 but when we use say some of the betas which
> > appear to not leak for others (non-Linux?) we still have memory
> > problems (ie set mem cache to 16Mb but grows beyond 30Mb!)

> As far as I am aware, that is normal. The 16MB that you specified
> for mem_cache is the memory to use for caching the full objects.
> Squid still uses extra memory for each URL that is stored on disk.

Sorry I should have mentioned that in beta 7 with mem_cache of 12,
cache_swap of 700

I get this

root 14691 1.2 25.3 14936 11952 ? S 20:40 8:57 squid -s

and it never seems to grow much more than this even after a few days usage

OTOH with virtually the same squid.conf (I did a diff just to be sure,
and came up with no differences in the settings) beta17 grows to 19Mb
in only a few hours use!

Is there some fundamental difference in beta7 vs the later betas that I've
missed? As it was quite obvious that beta17 was growing and beta7 wasn't.
Beta7 will now probably start growing now that I've said that ;)

I'll install a small test cache on another Linux machine and see if it
grows. It could be something specific to the box it's running on :/

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