How corperate with CERN HTTPD

From: Mitsuho Iizuka <>
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 19:26:03 +0900

Dear Squider:

 Our Division have one CERN httpd, this machine was administrated by
network management profesionals belongs to defferent organization. We
would like to setup Squid servers for several departments.

 As far as my experiment concerned, it is impossible to setup lower
Squid server having upper CERN http server without permission to
access TCP/UDP 7(echo) by /etc/inetd.conf, as illustrated as follows.

        to outer division
        CERN HTTP Server <- echo port was commented
        | | |
        squid - squid - squid

It is ideal for us to access squid servers for the first time, and to
access CERN HTTP server only if there is no cache data. Then we knew
it is possible to configurate Squid with upper enabling echo port
machine from my experience. So we asked our administrator to enable
echo port, but we are rejected because of decreasing load average and
system security.

 So please show me the solution to configure squid without machine
having no echo port.

 We really appreciate if you teach me the solution. If it is FAQ,
please forgive me, and show me the site.

Best Regards,
Mitsuho Iizuka, Assistant Manager,
Multimedia Application Dev. Dept. C&C Systems Market Dev. Div.
NEC Corp. Voice: +81-3-3798-6388 Email:
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