Re: Squid and http server on the same machine

From: <>
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 96 11:48:07 +1000

> If this is correct, what port should I put squid on to listen for
> proxies - should it be a port below 1024 (a privileged port) or can
> it be on a port above 1023 (unpriveleged port). Is there any
> emerging "standard" port for proxy/caching services such as those
> offered by squid?

You could put it on port 8080, which is fairly common.

Or, you could run the real http server on another port (eg. 81)
and run Squid as a http accelerator and proxy. I seem to recall
there were some reasons why you wouldn't want to do this
with Harvest, but we're running both (ie. accel+proxy) without
any problems.


  Luke Howard  Xedoc Software Development
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