Re: Memory leak in 1.0.1 / FreeBSD 2.1R & BSDI - Results

From: Stefan Arentz <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 15:50:40 +0200

After linking with dlmalloc my memory usage is like this:

[root@kanis etc] # top -b | grep squid
12661 root 2 0 7428K 3532K sleep 2:29 0.00% 0.00% squid

which is a *lot* better than the 20M+ that squid was using normally. The
uptime of my cache is a bit longer than a day though, so i'll post more info

It's looking good so far...

 -- Stefan

Your message dated: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 20:50:58 +0800
>Hi Squid users,
>Andrew V. Stesin wrote:
>> Hi people,
>> that's me who did an "official" FreeBSD port, and we don't
>> see any such problems here. BUT: we are running Squid on
>> a FreeBSD-stable machine with malloc() taken from
>> FreeBSD-current (so called phkmalloc).
>> I'll be grateful to see the results of the testing.
>I'm also running 2.1R on the main caching machine.
>The kernel tends to panic very often (around once a day), though.
>I've *never* been able to catch the exact error, it's not logged to
>syslog. However, the server is performing other functions as well.
>I'll try changing the malloc(). However, I feel that upgrading to
>FreeBSD 2.1.5 will help, and I'm waiting for it. Right now I'm not
>inclined to upgrading to the interim versions, whether SNAPs or
>miguel a.l. paraz <> / iphil communications / PGP keyID 0x43F0D01
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