Re: Memory leak in 1.0.1 / FreeBSD 2.1R & BSDI

From: Andrew V. Stesin <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 17:45:26 +0300 (EET DST)

Hello Miguel and Squiders,

# I'm also running 2.1R on the main caching machine.
# The kernel tends to panic very often (around once a day), though.
# I've *never* been able to catch the exact error, it's not logged to
# syslog. However, the server is performing other functions as well.

        2.1R is great -- but it's stability heavily depends
        on the hardware configuration. Many "interesting" conditions
        were fixed since that time by the core team, especially
        in the drivers. We have seen occasional crashes with
        plain 2.1R on some of our boxes; after
        an upgrade to a late March -stable _all_
        machines are rock solid, nothing can crash them.
# I'll try changing the malloc(). However, I feel that upgrading to
# FreeBSD 2.1.5 will help, and I'm waiting for it.

        2.1.5 is already here, BTW (check )
        As for me, I strongly suggest you doing both steps:
        upgrade an OS to 2.1.5 and recompile and reinstall libc
        with a pkhmalloc (take malloc.c from -current sources).
        Long ago I was impressed by the improvement phkmalloc gave me,
        but the -stable developers refused to retrofit this
        wonderful thing to a -stable branch :-(

# Right now I'm not
# inclined to upgrading to the interim versions, whether SNAPs or

        I understand you, but let me note you aren't right
        here. -stable snapshots might be considered as an
        interim bugfix releases to 2.1R (instaed of patchkits)
        and I must noter that upgrade from 2.1R to -stable was painless.
        The above should also be true for 2.1R -> 2.1.5R path.

        Good luck!
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