Re: Memory leak in 1.0.1 / FreeBSD 2.1R & BSDI

From: Miguel A.L. Paraz <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 10:00:03 +0800 (GMT+0800)

Hi Andrew and Squid-users,

Andrew V. Stesin wrote:

> 2.1R is great -- but it's stability heavily depends
> on the hardware configuration. Many "interesting" conditions
> were fixed since that time by the core team, especially
> in the drivers. We have seen occasional crashes with
> plain 2.1R on some of our boxes; after
> an upgrade to a late March -stable _all_
> machines are rock solid, nothing can crash them.

That is great - that's probably it. When the machine was running
Squid, it never crashed the machine, only coredumps. This is
a P133 with 64 MB RAM, 2 x 2.1 GB and 1 GB disks. The load average
was so low, when we got rid of another server, we put in INN 1.4
unoff4 and Taylor UUCP into it. I guess that was it. ;)

> 2.1.5 is already here, BTW (check )
> As for me, I strongly suggest you doing both steps:
> upgrade an OS to 2.1.5 and recompile and reinstall libc
> with a pkhmalloc (take malloc.c from -current sources).
> Long ago I was impressed by the improvement phkmalloc gave me,
> but the -stable developers refused to retrofit this
> wonderful thing to a -stable branch :-(

Thanks, I didn't realize that it was out, though I've got lots to learn
since I've never rebuilt the libs. :) Just in case I'm in a hurry
(can't go down for long!), just linking in that malloc directly into
Squid wouldn't hurt, would it?

> I understand you, but let me note you aren't right
> here. -stable snapshots might be considered as an
> interim bugfix releases to 2.1R (instaed of patchkits)
> and I must noter that upgrade from 2.1R to -stable was painless.
> The above should also be true for 2.1R -> 2.1.5R path.

Thanks for the correction. Perhaps it's the version numbers that
make me notice! Anyway, I've never had enough bandwidth (hence, the
need for Squid) to get sources, I'll work with the binaries now available.

Thanks for the advice!

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