Re: Memory leak in 1.0.1 / FreeBSD 2.1R & BSDI

From: Andrew V. Stesin <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 10:05:26 +0300 (EET DST)

Hello Miguel,

# > As for me, I strongly suggest you doing both steps:
# > upgrade an OS to 2.1.5 and recompile and reinstall libc
# > with a pkhmalloc (take malloc.c from -current sources).
# > Long ago I was impressed by the improvement phkmalloc gave me,
# > but the -stable developers refused to retrofit this
# > wonderful thing to a -stable branch :-(
# Thanks, I didn't realize that it was out, though I've got lots to learn
# since I've never rebuilt the libs. :) Just in case I'm in a hurry
# (can't go down for long!), just linking in that malloc directly into
# Squid wouldn't hurt, would it?

        I'm pretty sure it won't. The advantage of having phkmalloc
        in mainstream libc is present, though -- this way
        just all of your programs (except the ones statically
        linked already, like /bin/sh i.e.) will take advantage from it.

        Recompiling libs? Try this: extract /usr/src/lib subtree;
        find where malloc.c lives; replace malloc.c _and_ the
        malloc manpage source by the ones from -current;
        than cd /usr/src/lib; make obj depend all install

        phkmalloc already has some neat debugging features, BTW.

        Or even better approach: ask FreeBSD people to issue
        an additional libmalloc.{a,so.X.X} andf use it.
        They were thinking on this, but noone was
        bothering them enough to do it actually :-)))

# make me notice! Anyway, I've never had enough bandwidth (hence, the
# need for Squid) to get sources, I'll work with the binaries now available.


        Good luck and happy squidding! :-)))
# Thanks for the advice!
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