Re: DNS lookup failures

From: Duane Wessels <wessels>
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 96 19:26:09 -0700 writes:

>It appears that squid ipcache only keeps one address per name.
>This is a problem when proxying to sites that have multiple A
>records. In the event that one of the addresses is unavailable and
>squid has cached that address it will continually return site
>unreachable even though a connection to the host is possible.
>This is a mis-feature.
>Most DNS aware clients will try each address returned from DNS in
>succession. BIND implements a perfectly functional IP address
>cache that follows all the "right" rules. I'm thinking about
>ripping out the whole ipcache system and replacing it with a simple
>call to gethostbyname.

Fixing this is on my todo list for v1.1. Basically to increment an address
index after a connect(), and remove addresses which cause failures.

Duane W.
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