Re: Squid 1.0.1 panics my machine

From: John Hawkinson <>
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1996 01:22:52 -0400

> Within the last 10 days squid managed to crash the machine
> (
> Squid runs on a SparcStation 5, Solaris 2.4.
> I have no idea about the source of the problem, I had never *such*
> problems with Squid befor.
> Below is what I found in the syslog.
> I couldn't find anything special in the Squid logfiles
> and Squid dumped no core file.

Unfortunately your traceback is useless without your kernel. Ideally
what you should do is turn on kernel crash dumps -- uncomment the last
6 lines of /etc/init.d/sysetup.

In the mean time, you can decode each of the memory references from
your dmesg by hand with adb.

> Aug 21 18:36:38 sinfo unix: Called from fc044e24, fp=f09a9718, args=fc7deb38 fc7a9a80 fc7a9ac8 fc042e68 0 fc7a9b1f


[Vice-Grips!jhawk] ~> adb /dev/ksyms
tcp_rput_data+0x650: 0

etc. Of course, ultimately you'll probably need to forward info to Sun
to get a real good diagnosis, but sometimes you can figure out the
problem yourself.

Anyhow, you might want to decode your hex addresses and post the
new stack trace et al to the list.

  John Hawkinson
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