Re: FreeBSD malloc.c, -lmalloc, and squid.

From: Jordan K. Hubbard <>
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 23:59:52 -0700

> Time to take Terry up on his logicals concept. Anyone familiar enough with
> the way that VMS handles/d these willing to talk for a while on it? I
> seem to recall that you could create logicals on a system-wide basis as
> well as per-session (or was that per-user?)

My VMS memories are somewhat weak (I helped this happen through
liberal ingestion of alcohol after I did my 2 year sentence in VMS
hacking - FABs and RABs and XABS, oh my! I still sometimes wake up
sweating), but I'd think that a UNIX equivalent would want 3 different
levels of hierarchy: system, user, process (in that order). I think
that the user variables would be especially interesting in the kinds
of things you could do with them.

Then you'd want to teach namei() about them for those, nudge nudge,
variant symlinks! :-)

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