Re: FreeBSD malloc.c, -lmalloc, and squid.

From: Michael Smith <>
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1996 18:49:27 +0930 (CST)

David Greenman stands accused of saying:
> > I
> >seem to recall that you could create logicals on a system-wide basis as
> >well as per-session (or was that per-user?)
> Early versions of VMS had a simple {process, job, group, system} hierarchy.
> Later versions of VMS created a much more generic system that allowed for
> the creation of arbitrary logical name tables that allowed for custimized
> access/use. The old hierarchy was preserved using the new mechanism, however.
> Logical name tables have access permissions (system, owner, group, world)
> and individual entries have various flags which affect how the logical name
> is translated.

What's the search order on logicals, or are the seperate spaces completely

I have to look at phk's stuff I guess; for now doscmd gets most of my time,
but this is a good one to think about while I'm drooling out documentation.

Ramble ramble:

 - there are three sets of namespaces; the kernel namespace, process-group
   namespaces and process namespaces.
 - within at least the kernel namespace, seperate subspaces can be allocated
   (eg. for tunables, drivers, etc...)
 - init gets a default namespace (read from disk, perhaps?), which is the
   master inherited by other process groups, and thus other processes.
   This is perhaps bad; maybe when a process becomes a group leader
   it should inherit a default process-group namespace previously loaded
   into the kernel. What should happen to its process namespace?
 - a process' visible namespace is the result of overlapping its own
   namespace, that of its process group, and the kernel, with logicals
   capable of being marked such that they can't be occluded by the
   lower layers. (ie. the search order is process, group, kernel
   (or some kernel subspace?)).
 - logicals are byte arrays of arb. length (limits?), with textual
   names. Syntax? Nesting limits?

Any thoughts, "I/we/they did it like this.."'s, would be educational...

> David Greenman

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