Re: Garbage collection.

From: Benarson Behajaina R. <>
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 11:31:02 +0200 (MET DST)

John Saunders wrote :
> > Since garbage collection may take a significant amount of time,
> > I would like to force a daily garbage collection, e.g at 2am.
> > How to define the squid.conf ?
> Since squid becomes unusable during the garbage clean, how about making
> your RunCache script start squid with the -U flag. Then at 2am send squid
> a SIGTERM from crontab. Squid will die, RunCache will restart it in
> cleanup mode. I would check that option first, -U rings bell but may not
> be correct.

        Thanks for your answer.
Cord Beermann asked me why do I want to run this ?
I have not a big cache directory, so I wanted to remove the expired objects,
every day . Now I see that it will be enough if I'll use the ttl_pattern
definition to do this (e.g weekly or monthly).
        Killing or sending a SIGTERM signal to squid every day, is may be
painful. 'Cause the squid dies then you start a new process.


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