Squid gets too much memory!!

From: Nelson Posse Lago <listas2@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 17:24:34 -0300 (EST)

     Hi all,

     I'm using Squid 1.0.5 under a patched linux 1.2.13 (a.out, debian)
and have configured it with:

cache_mem 1
cache_swap 100

     Hey, this is a small site :-) (I'm a start-up ISP in Brazil, and
currently have some 30 clients). The swap dir usually goes up to some
40Mb and then drops, so I guess everything is fine until I get more
users. BUT squid is now using 16Mb of RAM, and apparently growing! I know
it uses more memory than (cache_mem + code size), but is this normal? Is
there a way of reducing memory usage (I'm a little bit too much swapped
out for my taste).

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