Re: Squid slow during cleanup

From: Neil Murray <>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 11:41:09 +1000

- - For reference, our server is a AlphaServer 8200, with 512Mb RAM, 2Gb swap
- - and the following squid.conf settings:

- - cache_swap 15000

- You need a lot more disk is the short answer. Allowing squid to get to
- garbage collection mode is a performance killer as you have found.

        As others have pointed out, I "dropped a zero mentally" on the
cache_swap line so my comments above were assuming 1.5Gb.

- The above stuff is the obvious things to do (at least for me), but
- this will get them out of the way and others can add their "obvious" fixes.

        A co-worker pointed out to me that the above line can be mis-construed
to be an insult to Martin and others, that was not my intention and I apologise
for it.

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