MSIE and Squid.

From: Shane Barnett <>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 12:07:57 +1000

Hi everyone.

I have this problem with MSIE 3.0 and Squid. HTTP downloads just race
through to the end and finish after only one 1K or so. This does not
happen with Netscape.

I first discovered this problem with alpha.17 and found that turning
off neighbour hood caches solved the problem. At that time both ftp
and HTTP transfers were behaving this way.

I have just upgraded to Beta 1.1 and the HTTP problem has returned even
with the Neighbour hood caches turned off!

Help, is this a know problem that will be addressed? Is there something
i can do to solve it?

I saw one message about a similar thing in the archives, but only one
reply saying don't worry about MSIE, it's crap ;-) Trouble is being
an ISP i can't dictate what people should use.

I love the performance of squid, it saves us a lot of bandwidth, especially
with not continuing to get aborted transfers. I really want to continue
using it... but



PS: As this is based on the Harvest cache, anyone know if this problem also
exists with it? Is the Harvest cache performace of similar quality to squid?

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