Re: MSIE and Squid.

From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 03:41:25 +0100

At 12:07 17/09/96 +1000, Shane Barnett wrote:
>Hi everyone.
>I have this problem with MSIE 3.0 and Squid. HTTP downloads just race
>through to the end and finish after only one 1K or so. This does not
>happen with Netscape.

I got this problem with MSIE too. I found that sometimes MSIE screws up, but
the worst thing is that then MSIE still caches the doc itself. Even "reload"
didn't reload it (!). What I had to do was empty MSIE's own cache, quit MSIE
(otherwise it can still keep it in memory), and start again.

This might be what you are seeing, and the neighbors stuff you talked about
is a red-herring. Maybe.

Failing that, look at your access.log, and compare the sizes of files
mentioned in there, to the expected size (use "client -r -m HEAD" for each
URL and look at the Content-Length), and see if it _is_ really squid causing
the problem. Is it only with certain URLs?

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