Re: MSIE and Squid.

From: Shane Barnett <>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 12:55:33 +1000

At 03:41 AM 9/17/96 +0100, you wrote:
>I got this problem with MSIE too. I found that sometimes MSIE screws up, but
>the worst thing is that then MSIE still caches the doc itself. Even "reload"
>didn't reload it (!). What I had to do was empty MSIE's own cache, quit MSIE
>(otherwise it can still keep it in memory), and start again.

No, but MSIE has this problem too. I found that switching it's setting to
check page at every vist solved it. I think this is a quirk with MSIE,
as this also used to happen with early netscapes.

>Failing that, look at your access.log, and compare the sizes of files
>mentioned in there, to the expected size (use "client -r -m HEAD" for each
>URL and look at the Content-Length), and see if it _is_ really squid causing
>the problem. Is it only with certain URLs?

It's will all URL's tested so far..


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