From: Manager <>
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 1996 22:47:29 +1000

Hi guys. Well I have been playing with the CGO thingo a bit. I have managed
to log in from my lan using netscape and call the CGI and see the first
page. I then ask a query etc and hit submit

On most replys I get something like


dated Sat Oct 12 22:38:19 1996

ERROR:HTTP/1.0 403 Cache Access Denied
Content-type: text/html


Access Denied

Sorry, you are not currently allowed to request

From this cache. Please check with the cache administrator if you believe
this is incorrect.

Generated by squid/1.0.17@www-cache.proesc

Generated Saturday, 12-Oct-96 12:38:19 GMT, by

Now I have had a look at the FAQ's but I am not very good at Linux yet so I
may be missing something. My cache is owned by root. That is as an example I
look at the ownership of say one of Squids log files and find the owner to
be root. Ok I use appache and have set this up to be another user. I then
have given the appropiate permissions to the CGI-BIN dir and I can get the
script to run in its basic form. I gather I am having trouble actually
accessing Squid itself. In the FAQ's it mentions the ACL etc but is this my
problem and if so where do I need to edit the ACL's etc...

(001) Logic Error CLINTON.SYS: Truth table missing
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