RE: Pre-fetching some URLs

From: LCDR Mark Purcell <>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 18:45:27 +0100

On Thursday, 24 October, 1996 10:06, Ong Beng Hui
[] wrote:
> I have allocated 30 Gig per cache but the cache siz
> never grow past 15 Gig.

I have seen a lot of messages where people state that their cache never
fills. Whilst 30 Gib maybe a different league I had the same problem here,
my cache would never fill.

I found that the default squid.conf (1.0.17) would only ever cache a
document for a maxium of 3 days, even if the file hadn't been changed for

After a bit of playing around I found if I uncommented the default
ttl_pattern (max ttl of 30 days) lines from squid.conf that my cache did
start filling up at a more reasonable rate:

#ttl_pattern ^http:// 1440 20% 43200
#ttl_pattern ^ftp:// 10080 20% 43200
#ttl_pattern/i \.gif$ 2880 50% 43200
#ttl_pattern /cgi-bin/ 0 0% 43200

I suspect that a lot of people who install squid, run it with the default
configuration initially to see how things work while they get a handle on
the operation of things. Then go back and fine tune their parameters.

As a suggestion, it may be a good idea to have ttl_pattern (or what it is
called once 1.1 moves away from ttl) uncommented by default as this will be
what will be initially installed and operated. Then if objects are
remaining stale in the cache for too long ttl_pattern can be tweaked after


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