Re: POST through parent / ERR_CLIENT_ABORT

From: Jean-Hugues ROYER <>
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 16:14:03 +0100

>2. ERR_CLIENT_ABORT problem with quick_abort :
>Has this problem been fixed? I am still seeing a lot of ERR_CLIENT_ABORT
>once I enabled the quick_abort feature.

Thx for pointing out this bug again, i thought was the only one to be
annoyed with it , now i know someone else is...

Lemme tell you what this bug does to your proxy...

When squid_1.0.X & squid_1.1.X (the bug is in the 2 releases of squid)
access some http servers (not all) the request get erronously aborted
by ERR_CLIENT_ABORT and, the most funny part, the user which made the
request doesn't see the bug and perfectly get his request....

so this bug is only seen by the squid admin. not by the users...

And, as a squid admin, you can only see the result of that bug IF and only IF
you have quick_abort set to ON (or any value else than OFF)

If you don't have set it to ON the BUG HAPPENS but it's not written in your
access.log... because squid continues to get the request when he erronously
detect a client abort...

So only ppl running squid with quick_abort ON could see the result of that
bug, that's why few ppl requested for a fix...

Now if you have quick_abort ON this bug makes your squid NOT cache 20-25%
of the
requests he could cache because of this erronous ERR_CLIENT_ABORT...

How to make the diff between a real ERR_CLIENT_ABORT and an erronous
when a real ERR_CLIENT_ABORT happens it's logged in cache.log and
access.log , if an erronous ERR_CLIENT_ABORT happens it's ONLY logged in
access.log and NOT in cache.log

Here is an URL that if you have squid_1.0.X or squid_1.1.X and quick_abort
ON and make your
request using Netscape (gold or not) 3.X you'll get a lot of erronous

I hope than more ppl will request for a fix....
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