Re: Upstream caches ACL policies and affects on downstream caches.

From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 15:47:03 +0000

At 12:36 05/12/96 +1100, Andrew Leahy wrote:
>Maybe, one solution would be for Squid to consult it's "acl's" when
>responding to object requests from peer caches. For example, when the
>Nepean cache polls SU for a "ftp" object the SU cache should either return
>MISS or a status like "bugger off you can't get that from here". This
>gives the Nepean cache the chance to try other caches in the peer group or
>go get it direct.

Well, instead of checking peer requests, wouldn't it be more sensible for
the peer itself i.e. the Nepean cache, to use a cache_host_acl to determine
siblings that it knows don't have access to certain objects, so don't use
them. This tag only exists in 1.1 if you are still using 1.0.

Is this the behaviour you're after?

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