Slow response from Squid beta 23...

From: Walter Klomp <>
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 01:49:15 +0800

Hi all,

I am running squid 1.1beta23 on a dual pentium 133 with 192Mb RAM on SCO Unix
(I though should be powerful enough :-) I am connected via a 256k leased line
to my parent squid cache's which respond normally within 10ms .. 50ms,
according to cachemgr. I have 7 dns server running of which 3 are only hit once
in a day...

Why does it still take 2-5 seconds before I get actually a response from my
proxy server? Also the cache-size on the harddisk never grows over 1.1 Gb while
I set it to 2.5 Gb. My VM cache is full of expired gif's and jpg's (1970...) in
my VM (after 10 min loading) there is not 1 document NOT expired... I use the
default settings, what can I do to improve the response time?

The hardware cannot be the problem, the network is not overloaded, there are
3000 file descriptors and plenty of memory and cpu resources.

Please help !!! I used in a distant past 1.1beta9 and it worked much much
faster until my parent switched over to a newer version (a guess...)

P.S. in my system upon compilation the MAXPATHLEN is not defined, so I get
always compile errors whenever I get a new version. I always define it manually
to be 256, is this OK ?

Hope for a speedy reply

Thanks in advance
Walter Klomp
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