Re: Slow response from Squid beta 23...

From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 18:48:00 +0000

At 01:49 06/12/96 +0800, Walter Klomp wrote:
>Why does it still take 2-5 seconds before I get actually a response from my
>proxy server? Also the cache-size on the harddisk never grows over 1.1 Gb while
>I set it to 2.5 Gb. My VM cache is full of expired gif's and jpg's (1970...) in
>my VM (after 10 min loading) there is not 1 document NOT expired... I use the
>default settings, what can I do to improve the response time?

Have a look in your access.log to see what's happening to the requests. Are
you maybe trying your parent and timing out for some reason, or what? If you
are unsure, post an excerpt of access.log containing requests that were
slow, and someone hear might be able to suggest something.

The default settings are not very good, try the following for refresh_pattern:

refresh_pattern/i \.gif$ 30 80% 43200
refresh_pattern/i \.jpg$ 30 80% 43200
refresh_pattern ^http:// 30 40% 20160
refresh_pattern ^ftp:// 30 50% 20160
refresh_pattern ^gopher:// 30 40% 20160
refresh_pattern . 30 40% 20160

These are quite generous indeed, but experience shows it doesn't seem too
bad, any my cache stays full, and not very out of date.

Also make sure neighbor_timeout isn't too big (try it at the default value
of 2 to start off with). Make sure ident_lookup is off, and you aren't using
a redirector. Are there any other settings you've changed?

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