FW UP: Squid-1.1.2 core dumping on Linux

From: Paul Norton <paul@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 1997 17:14:26 +1100

Hi All,

This is a follow up to a message that I posted about Squid-1.1.2 core
dumping on a Linux 2.0.27 Pentium.
Firstly, I would like to thank everybody that replied - it would take me all
day to reply to each one - there are a lot of very helpful people on this
list. :)

I thought that it might be helpful if I followed up my original posting with
more information;

Firstly - I am running a Slackware 3.1 distribution of Linux with kernel
2.0.27. This distribution has gcc 2.7.2, and libc-5.3.12. This proxy server
server services relatively light load, our squid.conf was pretty much stock
except acl's and other local stuff. The proxy server ran without a hickup
for 6 days an then started coredumping and dying about twice a day. Cache
size was approx 85MB (of 100MB) at this time. I saw the note about gcc 2.7.2
& Solaris having problems with compiler optimisations, so just in case, I
removed the -O's from the configure program and recompiled, but this didn't
help. I would like to point out that I am not a Unix programmer, so I don't
now where to go next.

Of the many responses I got, many people were running the same Hardware/OS
configuration as me with no problem (go figure!?). Many people reported
having no problems with Squid-1.1.1, so I am using this currently - fingers
crossed that it will continue to work as well as it is now.

If anybody else has any suggestions (apart from hacking the code!) then I
would like to hear it. It is interesting that nobody else who replied to my
posting reported having similar experiences, so now I am curious...

Regards to all,

-- Paul Norton.
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