Re: FW UP: Squid-1.1.2 core dumping on Linux

From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 20:35:29 +0000

At 17:14 05/01/97 +1100, Paul Norton wrote:
>This is a follow up to a message that I posted about Squid-1.1.2 core
>dumping on a Linux 2.0.27 Pentium.

Okay, this message is a bit stale, but I had a comment to make. Its
linux-specific, so anyone else can skip this now...

>Firstly - I am running a Slackware 3.1 distribution of Linux with kernel
>2.0.27. This distribution has gcc 2.7.2, and libc-5.3.12. This proxy server

libc 5.3.12 is a libc beta, not a distribution version. I would very much
recommend you upgrade to the latest, which is libc-5.4.17. It can be
obtained from or
something like that, and you will also want the file release.libc-5.4.17
which contains instructions on how to install it.

Failing that, did squid 1.1.3 help you?

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