From: Thomas von Stetten <tvs@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 20:34:39 -0800


I am a internet-provider in Germany. I want to install
squid-proxy-Server under suse-linux 4.3. It works, but there are some

First a question:
Is it posible to use squid as a proxy-server without telling the browser
to use a proxy? I want that all of my customers use the proxy, without
changing anything! So the costomers don´t know that I will use a proxy.

Now the problems:
1. I changed my netscape to manual proxy with port 3128. After that I
loaded some HTML-sites. Squid fetched them and gave them to my browser.
I changed the HTML-sites and squid gave to my browser the old
Why does this happen?

2. I created a new HTML-site with the name xxx.HTML. Then I loaded it
with my netscape. I deleted it from the web-server and altough it
should´t exist anymore, squid gave the same xxx.HTML back to my browser.
I cleared the netscape cache before.

3. I want that squid send the name of the customer but not the name of
the proxy-server to the access-file of the web-server. And if the
customer is accessing the same site twice, the proxy should check if the
site has been changed and send a ping or something else to the web, so
that the statistic of the web-server counts the right number of

4. Is it possible that the cached web-sites will be deleted after a
certain time if they are not longer used?

Hope to get a answer soon...
Thanks a lot.

Regards,        Thomas von Stetten
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