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From: Gareth Blades <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 13:09:59 +0000

> Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 20:34:39 -0800
> From: Thomas von Stetten <>
> To:
> Subject: Squid-Proxy.

> Hello,
> I am a internet-provider in Germany. I want to install
> squid-proxy-Server under suse-linux 4.3. It works, but there are some
> problems:
> Now the problems:
> 1. I changed my netscape to manual proxy with port 3128. After that I
> loaded some HTML-sites. Squid fetched them and gave them to my browser.
> I changed the HTML-sites and squid gave to my browser the old
> HTML-sites.
> Why does this happen?
> 2. I created a new HTML-site with the name xxx.HTML. Then I loaded it
> with my netscape. I deleted it from the web-server and altough it
> should t exist anymore, squid gave the same xxx.HTML back to my browser.
> I cleared the netscape cache before.
> Why?

Squid caches the sites. The algorithm used is documented in the
config file. Basically you can say for example that pages are cached
for 20% of their age subject to a maximum time of 2 weeks.

This is correct for version 1.0. I think version 1.1 uses a different
system where it sends if-modified-since requests so this should stop
this happening. I am not sure though.

> 3. I want that squid send the name of the customer but not the name of
> the proxy-server to the access-file of the web-server. And if the
> customer is accessing the same site twice, the proxy should check if the
> site has been changed and send a ping or something else to the web, so
> that the statistic of the web-server counts the right number of
> accesses.

If version 1.1 sends if-modified-since requests then the web server
should count these.

> 4. Is it possible that the cached web-sites will be deleted after a
> certain time if they are not longer used?

Purging of expired sites happens on a continual basis. It also will
have a good purge if the cache becomes within a certain percentage of
it's maximum specified size.

It would be worth you looking through the squid.conf file.

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