A Question ... (dumb?)

From: Leo Andrew A. David <ldavid@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 20:40:50 +0800 (PST)

Greetings Squiders!

I've been familiarizing myself with Squid, for the past
month, maybe 2, and I think I am able to catch up
with you guys (well..almost).

I had just configured squid only as HTTP, my question is,
if I want to enable the FTP or make modifications
in SQUID.CONF, should I kill the process name
that squid is running and re-execute Squid?
..Or would the existing Squid that is executing on my
server set itself on the modifications made?
I had executed 'RunAccel' then (2 months ago), but now I
can't seem to find it executing. And so...how can I kill
that process and re-execute it with new modifications in my
SQUID.CONF? what process name should i kill now?

        and!! =o)

how squid servers can be part of the hierarchy?
where in the SQUID.CONF should i make modifications?

So far, these are my questions...more to come...

Any info would be highly appreciated, guys.

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