Proxy of large files

From: Richard Roderick <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 12:10:37 -0800

Setting maximum_object_size to X will prevent squid from keeping a copy of
files larger than X. Many of us set X to a smaller number because squid
keeps a copy of it in memory while it downloads and tends to lead to out of
memory problems.

So. I would like to see a new setting: maximum_diskobject_size

maximum_object_size X
maximum_diskobject_size Y

Y must be >= X

A is a new object

If (A <= X) then object goes to memory swap and user is fed from memory swap.
If (A > X) then object goes to disk swap and user is fed from the disk swap.

I get the impression this is not trivial. I get the impression that it
views the system as having only one swap, and does not distinguish between
disk and memory swap.

I would love the contribute to squid to do this, but I feel fairly
under-qualified. Anyone have some thoughts on this subject?


 Richard A. Roderick
Received on Mon Jan 20 1997 - 12:24:11 MST

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